OKTeam organizes treasure hunts in Barcelona, Sitges, Girona or Tarragona in Spanish, English, German or French. They are conceived for groups from 8 up to 200 persons (and more!).


Barcelona                                    Tarragona            Sitges                   Girona

We first designed them for companies, but they are also great fun for groups of friends, family celebrations, Hen or Stag parties etc…. Hunt for clues and discover the trail that leads to the final meeting point: on foot, by bike or by subway, as you wish. You will learn in an active and unconventional way while having fun, “competing” against other teams. Resolve missions and enigmas in the historical center of the city and be fast enough to arrive to the finsishing line first.

The TREASURE HUNT is an excellent and exciting way to discover our most beautiful cities such as Barcelona, SitgesTarragona or Girona.

Our treasure hunt works for groups from 6 – 300. The group is divided into small teams, roles are defined, objectives are clarified and commitments are made. Each team creates a name and a slogan for themselves and then the teams are given their first set of scavenger hunt clues. Each team also gets a “clue kit”. These kits contain the essential ingredients needed by the team to break codes, figure out the clues and attain solutions. Clue kits contain clues, magnifying glass, compass, map and additional code-breaking equipment.



The CSI – OKTeam treasure hunt is designed for your most analytical and creative team members. We’ll tell you straight away, our treasure hunt clues are pretty challenging… as they HAVE TO BE in today’s competitive marketplace. IS YOUR TEAM UP TO THE CHALLENGE?

Find the criminal helping our C.S.I. police officers:

BARCELONA – The Torquemada Case

The 17th of October of 1483, Fray Tomás de Torquemada, the famous Inquisitor, had been called in order to clean the city from heretics and witches. This created quite a controversy, as many people didn’t feel comfortable about his presence.

One of them was the converted Jew and banker of his Majesty, Luis de Santángel, who publicly showed his anger and rejection. Police officers found the dead body of Luis de Santángel right under the vaults of the women’s baths…  C.S.I. Barcelona is calling out for the best investigators to find the criminal…

C.S.I. “The Torquemada Case” – Barcelona

Some other cases are also waiting for resolution. We desperately need your help to elucidate the following crimes:

Sitges – The Santiago Rusiñol files

Help us resolve the crime…

One morning, the cleaning lady of Santiago Rusiñol wakes up the neighborhood with a terrible cry: she just discovered a dead body… the body of the count Bernat de Fonollar, descendant of the first lord of Sitges, owner of the medieval castle.

The bloodstains and prints reveal that the body had been moved to Santiago’s house in order to blame the artist, but he has an alibi… . CSI officers have been called to elucidate the crime, as the police of Sitges abandoned the case a long time ago…

C.S.I. “The Rusiñol Case” – Sitges


GIRONA – The “Bonastruc Files”

Bonastruc (Girona, 1194 – Land of Israel, 1270) was a jewish kabbalist who lived in the Jewish “Call” of GIrona.

He had studied medicine and philosophy and was very popular at his time. Of course he also had enemies, most of all the inquisitor Nicolau Eymerich who wanted to get hold of him by any means…

Historians are starting to doubt about the official date of his death. Bonastruc had been very rich and some people knew about a hidden treasure in the carrer de la Força number 8… CSI officers opened the case and need some help in their investigation. 

Tarragona – C.S.I. “The Poncius Pilatus Files” – Tarragona

We are sure you didn’t know that Poncius Pilatus was living in the Imperial Tarraco during the time when the Spanish peninsule was still called Hispania. Poncius was hated by his brother in law who envied his fortune and also his beautiful lover, a dancer in a tavern near the port…


Treasure or Scavenger hunts have proven to be one of the most effective forms of corporate team building and experiential marketing. There are a variety of reasons why this is the case… Builds Teamwork and Creativity Customized based on your companies culture and team’s goals Entertains AND Educates Includes Everyone! Scavenger Hunts are the perfect way to get teams to build deeper relationships and boost morale. Plus our hunts are guaranteed to be fun and memorable. When people start solving clues, taking pictures and competing in challenges everyone ends up on the same level and all preconceptions disappear. This is where long term positive change occurs.

Information: Teléfono: Marcelo Birocco (+34) 637.795.362

The clues challenge your team to employ a wide variety of problem solving skills: code-breaking, foreign languages, riddles, mathematics, innovation and good old-fashioned detective work. In addition to problem solving skills, the more you utilize team work skills (communication, role definition, encouragement, cooperation and support) the higher your score will be. Because of the way the scavenger hunt is structured, the normal “win at all costs” attitude is challenged. Teamwork wins the day in this event.

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